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The Essentials


Getting Started

To get your website created, you must first fill out your Web Customization Form. Customization Forms are key to getting your site created and launched. The more information you provide, the less work for you later. You will be sent a confirmation that your WordPress site has been created along with your personal login information.

All RealScout sites will have a URL like or If you would like to change your url (domain), you must register your own personal domain through companies such as GoDaddy (preferred) or HostGator. You will then submit a Domain Redirect Request. Transfer your domain once you are fully satisfied with your RealScout site, transferring domains will be address later in this tutorial.

What is WordPress?

You interact with your website through a content management system; creating pages, editing content, adding images, etc. WordPress is the leading content management system in the world. To access and make changes to your site, you must log into the WordPress “backend” using []/wp-admin, i.e. Use your username and password that was sent to you by your Member Success Coach to log in.

Contacting Your Member Success Coach

Member Success Coaches are here to help you with website customizations that you cannot do on your own. We’ve made sure that these tutorials provide substantial support and answers to majority of agent questions, but our Member Success team is always here to help. A full description of our Website Customization Policy is below.

Forgot who your RealScout coach is? Send an email to to find out!

Web Customization Form

Fill out your web customization form as completely and detailed as possible.  The more ground work you do at this step, the less web customization tickets you will need to submit in the future.

Notes about the Web Customization Form:

  • Choose your theme wisely. Once you begin making edits, it is very difficult to move to a different theme.
  • Logo and Profile images should not be any smaller than 150x150px.
  • Slider image size for Navigator Theme: 1140x400px. For all others: 1040x400px.
  • For clarification – the “company that you use to host your site” is the hosting service provider – aka. GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, and 1&1.

Website Customization Policy

Things we can do FOR you during the initial setup:

  1. Change colors & fonts
  2. Add a picture & bio
  3. Change/add slider images (1040×400 is the ideal size)
  4. Upload documents such as PDFs, DOCs, images, etc – Maximum file size is 1MB
  5. Transfer/import/recreate a maximum of 3 pages of content
  6. Add Featured Listings
  7. Add/change navigation bar links and sub-menu items
  8. Customize header formatting
  9. Add custom page backgrounds
  10. Add/remove social networking icons
  11. Add information to footer
  12. Add custom widgets, such as CoreFact, or Stix
  13. Install your Google Analytics tracking code

Things we can show YOU how to do on your own:

  1. Transfer pages & pages of content – we will show you how to transfer content  on your own, beyond the 3 pages we transfer for you

Things we simply cannot do at this point

  1. Create a whole new layout
  2. Put videos in the slider on the home page (we can add videos to sub-pages within the site, or directly in blog posts)
  3. Manage your content for you – It is the agents responsibility to manage their website content, this includes:
    1. Add/Deleting pages
    2. Add/Delete nav menu items
    3. Add/Delete listings
    4. Write content
    5. Edit content
    6. Add/Delete slider images

Examples of themes you can choose from:

  1. Endeavor
  2. Explorer
  3. Venture
  4. Navigator

Domain Names

A domain name is a common language name to identify the location of a online resource, such as a website.  When you sign up for a RealScout website, you are automatically given a domain name that is hosted on RealScout’s server such as or  Most agents would prefer to either keep or have their domain name be rather than have therealscoutsite or myrealscoutsite as a part of the url.  If you, like many agents, have a website prior to upgrading to a RealScout site or would like to register a new domain name, you can work through any hosting service such as GoDaddy (which we suggest) to register the domain name of your choice.

All initial website customizations will be done on or and then when the site is ready, we will transfer your domain for you!  All we need is your hosting service provider login information.  If you would like to transfer the domain yourself, contact your Member Success Coach.