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Featured Listings


Getting Started with Featured Listings

The featured listings page is a compilation of all of your personal listings, as well as any sold properties in which you represented the buyer.  To access your Featured Listings, navigate to RealScout Admin > Featured Listings (first tab).  When you sign up for RealScout, the RealScout system will automatically import your featured listings for you.  Every once in a while there are discrepancies in the MLS data and both you or your Member Success Coach can edit your Featured Listings here.  3 Buttons are present.  Check for New Listings will request the RealScout system to check and verify new addresses through your on file BRE#.  You can click and drag the listings to be in the order that you prefer but must click Update Listing Order to save!  See All displays all of your listings on file.

Adding Featured Listings

Click Add a Listing at the top of the Featured Listings tab and a empty featured listings window will appear. IMPORTANT: Refresh the page. After you have refreshed the page, then you can upload the property image and add the inline property details. Only in the Featured Listings tab will the changes be automatically saved.

Changing and Deleting Featured Listings

Simply edit the information inline.  A website URL section is provided in case the property has an external URL that you prefer. To delete a featured listing, you must clear out every section of the form and it will disappear over time – a strange process we understand, and will be updating in the future!

The Difference Between the Listings You Add and BRE# Affiliated Listings

Listings that are affiliated with your BRE# are automatically updated under your RealScout account every 30 minutes. These listings cannot be manually edited. To remove these listings from the Featured Listings Page, navigated to Pages > Featured Listings. In Text Mode, you will see . If you have 20 listings and wish to remove 2 of those listings, change the code to and then in the Featured Listings tab under RealScout Admin, move the two listings you do NOT wish to see to the end of the 20 listings list.

Any listings that are not listed under your BRE# will not be uploaded, but you can manually enter the missing properties as described above. The featured listings that you add yourself can always be directly edited.



Upload .pdf versions of your disclosures along with the affiliated address.  A short description is encouraged but not required. Click Add a New Disclosure and then Save when you are done!