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Changing Your Bio and Testimonials

Once you are in your RealScout Admin Dashboard, you can change your Bio and Testimonials. This is what the Information panels look like:

Each section contains a WISYWIG editor, which means that you can click “Visual” in the top right and format the information just like it will look on the page. That means you can add blockquotes (indented so that it’s clear that it’s a quote. You can see an example in the image of testimonials above), bold, italicize, etc. and see the changes right in the editor.

Of course, if you would like to code your information more directly, you can click “Text” in the top right of the editor and it will let you edit the HTML directly. I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless you have a background in programming though.

Then, just click “Update Options” and you’re good!

* NOTE: There is an option in the Testimonials Panel that says “Hide Testimonials?”. Check that box if for whatever reason you don’t want to show your testimonials (if you don’t have any yet, for example).

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