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Why Blog?

It may seem that bloggers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but blogging remains an important and useful marketing tactic for real estate professionals. Blogging is beneficial to real estate agents and brokers for 3 reasons.

  1. Branding – Maintaining a healthy blog reflects very well on you and your business. Consistent design and interesting industry related pieces promotes an image that is relevant and professional.
  2. Customer Relationships – Regular blog visitors is a great way to stay on top of their minds in a positive way.
  3. SEO and Traffic – Blogging about industry related content regularly will make your blog, and therefore your site, increase in search engine rankings. As your rank increases, so does the amount of organic traffic – which in turn increases the number of potential clients!

Posts – Tags and Categories

Categories and Tags

Category = Label for a group of related posts. I.e. RealScout Antics, RealScout Testimonials, and Product Announcements on our Blog Site. Add the correct category to your post using the Categories window on the right side.

Tags = Tags are useful for searching within in your site as well as for SEO. Tags are generalized keywords that appear in your post. I.e. real estate, agent, open houses, marketing. Enter tags into the text box in the Tags window underneath Categories.

Adding and editing Posts is identical to adding and editing Pages.  Posts, however, have additional features located on the right sidebar and below the edit box for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Post Sidebar – Much like the sidebar of a Page, the sidebar is there for you to manage the status of your page (draft, pending, published), control your categories and tags, and set your featured image (in multiple ways!).


Underneath the edit box, you can control your SEO.  Layout Settings, Sharing, and Content Permissions (found underneath the SEO window) should be left alone unless you have talked with Member Success Coach.

SEO and How It Works For You

Search Engine Optimization is the process used by search engines to rank websites.  Websites in Google, for instance, are displayed in order or relevance and popularity.  You can control your blog’s SEO by using target keywords in both the titles and content of your posts.


Slider Images

All posts should be set with a featured image. Posts with the category “Slider” appear as the slider images on the home page. All slider images except for Navigator are 1040x400px, for Navigator, slider images must be 1140x400px. To set slider images – navigate to Posts > All Posts > Quick View (hover over post title) > Change Tag to “Slider”.

The RealScout Contributors Program

RS_Blog_Hero_Love_Contributors_ProgramAre you a master blogger already? Submit your best blog posts through our RealScout Contributors Program. The best articles should be seen.